I love PB&J

When I was watching the English YouTube channel, I saw an introduction to "PB & J" in the show.
"PB & J" It's a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly. 

When I first saw the video, I thought, “Wow, really?”,

But when I tried making it, it was so delicious that I fell in love with it.



There are two types of peanut butter, creamy type and crunch type.

I like the crunch type because it tastes better.

The texture of peanuts is really nice.

To apply it well, apply each half of the bread and fold them together.



Oh, don't eat it for a midnight snack.

There are no odd calories.

It's just right for morning "Omeza". 
Recommended for those who work hard all day long.

Even if I learn English as a language by separating it from English alone, 
it's hard to get into my head and it's boring in the first place.
In fact, I think understanding the lifestyles, 
customs and foods of those who speak that language is very important for learning a language.

Then bye bye!

I wish you a good day today.